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Intensive Transition Supports Initiative

The intention of the Intensive Transition Supports Initiative is to provide time-limited supports for recipients of DD Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) who are experiencing a crisis, and whose current needs exceed other available clinical and crisis supports in the DD services system. Intensive transition supports will be available to individuals who are eligible for DD Home and Community Based Services and who are experiencing extended periods of crisis including repeated emergency department use, the need for hospitalization, a stay at the Vermont Crisis Intervention Network (VCIN), or similar crisis episodes.

The goal of this initiative is to support individuals and their teams in the development of long-term supports in the community by providing additional expertise, consultation, training, and time to develop and implement those support plans. Individuals are intended to exit from intensive transition supports directly to their community provider location. The expected outcome of providing intensive transition supports is that people will experience increased stability in their living arrangements, improved ability to participate in their communities and that DDS community providers will have the tools they need to best support individuals with very complex needs.