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Proposed Changes to the Vermont State System of Care Plan (SOCP) for DDS

The Developmental Disabilities Services Division (DDSD) has gathered input for proposed changes to the Vermont State System of Care Plan for Developmental Disabilities Services FY2023-FY2025.  Over the course of 3 months, DDSD held 17 forums to obtain stakeholder feedback and input regarding SOCP changes.Some of the forums targeted specific areas of focus: Housing, Paying Parents and Autism Services, while others were General Input Forums. DDSD met with Provider Agencies/Vermont Care Partners; members of the Developmental Disabilities Services State Program Standing Committee; Green Mountain Self-Advocates; Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council; Vermont Family Network and other family members; the Vermont Developmental Disabilities Housing Initiative; the Vermont Communication Task Force; Guardianship and Supported Decision Making Group; and people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. In response to input from the State Program Standing Committee, advocates, and families regarding the composition and structure of public forums, the State held specific targeted forums to create safe spaces for individuals to express their thoughts, make comments and ask questions. In addition, input was collected through an on-line survey and an e-mail address dedicated to collecting stakeholder feedback. The result is a collection of ideas, concerns, and recommendations from many different voices. Central themes that emerged from all the input are summarized below.  Additional information on each topic area can also be found within the provided links.


  1. Allowing parents to be paid with Medicaid funds for providing care to their children with Developmental Disability (DD)
  2. Support services specific to the needs of adults with autism
  3. Increased housing models for adults with developmental disabilities beyond those currently available
  4. System of Care Plan General Input & Public Comment

Input for the System of Care Plan update can be provided by emailing