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Statutes, Legislation and Regulations

The following Legislation, Statutes, Regulations, and Administrative Rules are related to Developmental Disabilities Services.  For information about all Vermont legislation go the Vermont General Assembly website.


Developmental Disabilities Act (DD Act) - The Vermont Statutes Online, Title 18: Health, Chapter 204A: Developmental Disabilities Act. 

Act 248 - The Vermont Statutes Online, Title 18: Health, Chapter 206: Care for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities. Vermont’s civil commitment law for a person with intellectual disabilities.

Legislation for Public Guardianship:


Developmental Disabilities Services Regulations– The Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS) Regulations are the rules for implementing the Developmental Disabilities Act of 1996. They include the definition of developmental disability; criteria for being a recipient; application, assessment, notification and periodic review; self/family management; recipients financial requirements; special care procedures; appeals and grievances; training; certification of providers and evaluation of providers.  The DDS Regulations are part of the Health Care Administrative Rules (HCAR.) HCAR is the collection of regulations adopted by the Agency of Human Services that govern the administration of Vermont Medicaid, including general provisions, eligibility, benefit delivery, covered services, reimbursement, specialized services, beneficiary rights, and provider responsibilities.

Administrative Rules

Administrative Rules on Agency Designation (Easy to read version) - The Administrative Rules on Agency Designation were passed effective June 1, 2003.   These administrative rules governing the selection of designated agencies outline the requirements an agency must meet in order to be designated (or re-designated), the responsibilities of agencies that are designated, and the process for designation, re-designation and de-designation.   Link to the State of Vermont, Vermont General Assembly, State Agency Rules:, agree to terms and conditions, and enter 13-150-006 for the Administrative Rules on Agency Designation.