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Vermont Crisis Intervention Network (VCIN)

The Developmental Disabilities Services Division provides the gatekeeper function for access to the Vermont Crisis Intervention Network (VCIN), the statewide developmental disabilities service system crisis network. VCIN offers: 

  • Level I - training to agency staff to increase general clinical expertise and competency so as to reduce and potentially prevent crises.
  • Level II – on-site consultation to help agency teams work more effectively with persons who have emotional and behavioral challenges, creating crisis prevention strategies, and offering input on individual behavior support plans. This consultation may include psychiatric evaluation, if requested.
  • Level III – management of two statewide crisis beds for individuals experiencing a psychiatric, emotional or behavioral crisis.  Each bed provides individualized time-limited (generally not to exceed 14 days) 24-hour supervision and support in a safe and calm environment. Supports may include psychiatric, medical, therapeutic, personal care and community participation, dependent upon the needs and wishes of the individual. VCIN, DDSD and agency staff participate in weekly clinical conference calls to assess stabilization progress and collaborate on planning for return to home and community.


Vermont Crisis Intervention Network (VCIN) Referral Form

VCIN access to beds for Children - guidance regarding children under age 18, who may or may not be receiving DD HCBS and the process to access VCIN Level III placement