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Housing Accessibility Modification Reimbursement Process

Provider Agencies may be reimbursed up to $1,000.00 per Participant for costs incurred for implementing home modifications within the 45-day timeline requirement. The modification(s) must be listed on the Accessibility Contractors report, and reimbursement requests may ONLY be submitted for approved Accessibility Assessments performed by the DAIL Housing Accessibility Contractor after December 2022.

Provider Agencies must complete the required DAIL Agency Accessibility Modification Plan and Request for Modification Reimbursement  form to include any receipts and invoices obtained. All invoices submitted will be required to be on business letter head from the business or contractor that performed the work. Labor cannot be paid to individuals who live in the home and all work is required to be completed at a reasonable cost. 

Housing Safety and Accessibility Inspection Process, Accessibility Assessment Addendum

If the Provider Agency is requesting Reimbursement for any home modifications for the Accessibility Assessment, the Agency must fill out the Modification Reimbursement information on the Agency Accessibility Modification Plan and Request for Modification Reimbursement form, follow the instructions to submit a Reimbursement Request to DAIL.  

Please be sure to include information for all items being requested for reimbursement on one form.  The agency may only submit one (1) reimbursement request per Assessment.   (Ex:  If the agency wants to request reimbursement for 3 modification items, all 3 items must be included in 1 reimbursement request.)

To Submit a Request for Reimbursement of an Accessibility Modification (For Provider Agency use only)

After the completed Accessibility Modification Plan and Request for Modification Reimbursement form and invoices have been uploaded into the DAIL Housing Portal, a Request for Reimbursement must be submitted by using this link: Accessibility Modification Reimbursement Form.