DAIL Housing Fire Safety Escape Plan

The Housing Fire Safety Escape Plan is a requirement of Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) funded homes. The plan lets the participant know how to safely exit the home in case of an emergency as independently as possible, and is required to be posted in the home and practiced regularly. The Fire Safety Plan is required to have a graphic version of the plan as well as a written plan. 

The graphic plan is the floor plan of the house that should show:

2022 Update of the Regulations and System of Care Plan

Below is a document which describes the process for updating the Regulations Implementing the DD Act of 1996 and the Vermont State System of Care Plan for Developmental Disabilities Services.  Work on updating these started in the fall of 2021 with an anticipated implementation date of the fall of 2022. The PowerPoint below was used to present the status of the Department’s efforts to date to the House Human Services legislative committee.


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