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Category: Informational
Title File Category Date File Format
Brandon Training School - 20th Anniversary, Governor Dean BTS - Governor Dean's Remarks 11/15/13 (8.86 KB) Informational November 15, 2013 PDF
Brandon Training School - Former residents, advocates recall BTS Closing BTS - Rutland Herald Article, 11/16/2013 (284.12 KB) Informational November 16, 2013 PDF
Category: Guideline
Title File Category Date File Format
Rescinding Memo for Community Notification and Safety Procedures for Sex Offenders with Developmental Disabilities Public Safety - Rescinding Memo for Comm Notification/Safety Procedures (52.4 KB) Guideline May 2, 2014 PDF
Human Rights Committee Guidelines - DS Services Human Right Committee Guidelines (160.89 KB) Guideline November 1, 2014 PDF
Department of Labor "Homecare" Rule: The Application of the Fair Labor Standards Act to Domestic Service (DAIL Memo) DOL Homecare Rule: FLSA to Domestic Service (467.2 KB) Guideline December 18, 2014 PDF
Protocols for Evaluating Less Restrictive Placements & Supports for People with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Who Pose a Risk to Public Safety - Revised Public Safety - Safety Protocols for Less Restrictive Placements and Supports - 04/30/15 (108.19 KB) Guideline April 30, 2015 PDF
Category: Report
Title File Category Date File Format
Consumer Survey Report 2014 Consumer Survey Report 2014 (359.11 KB) Report August 1, 2014 PDF
Imagine the Future Task Force Report Imagine The Future Task Force Report (515.84 KB) Report November 1, 2014 PDF
Staff Stability Survey Report - National Core Indicators Staff_Stability_Report_NCI.pdf (977.51 KB) Report December 31, 2014 PDF
Category: Form
Title File Category Date File Format
Developmental Disabilities Services Application Form developmental-disabilities-services-application-form.pdf (108.13 KB) Form June 1, 2015 PDF