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Category: Guideline
Title File Category Date File Format
End of Life Care Decision Making Guidelines End of Life Decision Making Guidelines (244.03 KB) Guideline January 10, 2017 PDF
Guide for Physicians in Providing Medical Documents for End of Life Decision-Making to Office of Public Guardian OPG - Guide for Physicians End of Life Documents (135.63 KB) Guideline January 17, 2017 PDF
Guidelines for Quality Review Process of Developmental Disabilities Services guidelines_quality_review_process_of_dd_services.pdf (595.19 KB) Guideline July 2, 2017 PDF
Category: Informational
Title File Category Date File Format
Message Passing Task Communcation Resource - Message Passing Task (35.57 KB) Informational January 17, 2017 PDF
Zero Project Award - Press Release ZeroProject_PressRelease_2.24.17.pdf (37.38 KB) Informational February 24, 2017 PDF
Understanding the Waiting List Understanding_the_Waiting_List.pdf (396.86 KB) Informational May 24, 2017 PDF
Category: Publication
Title File Category Date File Format
Op-ed: Vermont Setting the Standard for Supported Employment op-ed-vt-setting-the-standard-for-supported-employment.pdf (44.82 KB) Publication January 30, 2017 PDF
Category: Form
Title File Category Date File Format
Emergency Fact Sheet dds-emergency-fact-sheet.pdf (32.28 KB) Form February 7, 2017 PDF
Critical Incident Reporting Form DAIL_CIR_Report_Form-6-1-22-P.pdf (282.94 KB) Form July 10, 2017 PDF
Category: Procedure
Title File Category Date File Format
Public Safety - Change in Supervision Status Procedure and Form SOR-VCIC and Law Enforcement Notification Protocol.pdf (260.54 KB) Procedure March 27, 2017 PDF