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Category: Agenda
Title File Category Date File Format
DS SPSC Committee meeting agenda February 2023 SPSC_February_2023_Agenda.pdf (220.22 KB) Agenda PDF
Title File Category Date File Format
Payment Reform Overview Analysis Presentation Payment_Reform_Overview_Analysis_Presentation.pdf (239.82 KB) PDF
Category: Meeting Minutes
Title File Category Date File Format
DS SPSC Committee Meeting Minutes July 2022 DS_SPSC Committee_Meeting_minutes_July_2022.pdf (215.15 KB) Meeting Minutes PDF
Category: Informational
Title File Category Date File Format
Making Meetings Accessible: How to Enable Real Participation Making Meetings Accessible (49.35 KB) Informational PDF
The Brace Decree The Brace Decree (478 KB) Informational October 1, 1980 PDF
Proposal for the Unification of Vermont's Mental Retardation Service System Proposal for Unification of VT's Mental Health System, DMH 02/1990 (2.11 MB) Informational February 1, 1990 PDF
Brandon Training School - Unifying the System, Closure of Brandon Training School BTS - Unifying the System, Report by DMH, 06/30/1992 (556.23 KB) Informational June 30, 1992 PDF
Brandon Training School - Closing the Doors of the Institution, Opening the Hearts of Our Communities BTS-ClosingDoorBrandonOpeningHearts.pdf (3.44 MB) Informational December 1, 1993 PDF
Facilitated Communication Training: Practice Guidelines and Validation Guidelines VCTF-FC Practice Guidelines and Validation (1994) (331.05 KB) Informational January 1, 1994 PDF
Category: Guideline
Title File Category Date File Format
Accessing and Maintaining Medicaid For DD Services Accessing_Maintaining_Medicaid_for_DD_Services.pdf (216.25 KB) Guideline PDF