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Who We Help

The Developmental Disabilities Services Division (DDSD) serves people with developmental disabilities. Developmental Disabilities means having a diagnosis of one of the following based on a formal, professional evaluation:

And, have both of the following:

  • Significant deficits in adaptive function (such as social/emotional development, daily living skills, communication, and motor development)
  • Onset of the disability prior to age 18

For more information on the clinical criteria for determining if someone has a developmental disability, please talk with the service provider in your area, or see Part 2 of the Regulations Implementing the Developmental Disabilities Services Act of 1996.

To discuss what services and supports are available to you,
or to apply for a service or support,
Please contact the Service Providers in your area.

In addition, DDSD provides guardianship services for adults with developmental disabilities and adults age 60 and over who have a mental disability.  Contact the Office of Public Guardian for more information.

For information on services for older Vermonters, and adults with physical disabilities or traumatic brain injuries, please go to the Vermont Adult Services Division website.

For information on mental health services, please go to the Vermont Department of Mental Health website.