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Service Providers

Designated Agencies (DA)

The Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living (DAIL) designates one Designated Agency (DA) in each geographic region of the state as responsible for ensuring needed services are available through local planning, service coordination, and monitoring outcomes within their region.

There are ten Designated Agencies contracted by DAIL that provide developmental services in Vermont. DAs must provide services directly or contract with other providers or individuals to deliver supports and services consistent with available funding; the state and local System of Care Plans; outcome requirements; and state and federal regulations, policies and guidelines. Some of the key responsibilities of a DA include intake and referral, assessing individual needs, providing regional crisis response services, and seeing there is a comprehensive service network that assures the capacity to meet the support needs of all eligible people in the region.

Specialized Service Agencies (SSA)

There are five Specialized Service Agencies (SSA) that provide developmental services.  A Specialized Service Agency (SSA) is a separate entity that is also contracted by DAIL. It must be an organization that either:

  • Provides a distinctive approach to service deliver and coordination;
  • Provides services to meet distinctive individual needs; or
  • Had a contract with the Department of Developmental and Mental Health Services (DDMHS) developed originally to meet the above requirements prior to January 1, 1998.