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Housing Safety and Accessibility - Guidance and Policies

Accessibility Inspection, Timeline for Completion - Memo from the Adult Services Division (ASD) regarding a change in the timeline for completing an Accessibility Inspection for Adult Family Care providers and Brain Injury providers. 

Apartment or Other Alternative Living Arrangement in a Shared Living Providers Home Form and Guidance - Guidance for any situation that is not considered ‘standard’ in a Shared Living Providers home.  (Example:  Apartment, or apartment-like situation in the home or in a building near the home.) 

Certificate of Occupancy (CO) Guidance - For the purposes of this document and for the DAIL Housing Portal, the term “Certificate of Occupancy”, or CO, means an inspection by the Division of Fire Safety, the Vermont Department of Labor and Industry, the Vermont State Housing Authority, Section 8 Housing or a local housing authority.