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Annotated Communication Resource Guide - Planning Tools and Resources

  • Making Communication Happen: Tools to Help Teams Plan and Provide Communication Supports - Vermont Communication Task Force (VCTF), Division of Disability and Aging Services (DDAS), State of Vermont – A step by step guide on planning for and providing communication supports including information about and sample communication plans, communication checklist, and communication outcomes/goals and support strategies.

    Communication Dictionary - A document that helps to outline the ways in which an individual communicates. This is an important tool for people who do not communicate using methods such as speech, writing or symbols.

  • Core Vocabulary Boards, VanTatenhove PA, G. – This website offers a collection of free and for sale AAC support materials and resources.  Free materials include boards for specific devices, vocabulary lists, language development information, protocol for assessing metaphoric use of pictures, and client vocabulary checklists.  (Note:  This site does not open in all web browsers.  If it does not open for you, please try a different web browser.)
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication Kit – Linda Gould, MA, CCC-SLP –A useful list of items to for constructing communication tools. This do-it-yourself kit is the perfect companion to anybody providing supports to an individual who uses AAC and gives the ability to make quick communication boards to attaching, removing and tightening wheelchair mounts.
  • Light Tech Communication Supports: Simple Cheap and Easy to Find!, by Mary Alice Favro, MA, CCC-SLP – A collection of simple light tech communication supports.
  • Communication Partner Skills for AAC Learners – The people around the AAC user are important.  They are the communication partners.  Communication partners need to build their skills to support and interact with AAC users.  Communication partners must learn to model, wait, prompt, and respond.
  • Communication Matrix – Communication Assessment for Parents & Professionals: An easy to use assessment instrument designed for individuals of all ages who function at the earliest stages of communication and who use any form of communication.