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Advocacy and Self Advocacy

Family Advocacy
Legal Advocacy
Legislative/Other Advocacy


  • Green Mountain Self-Advocates (GMSA)
    Green Mountain Self-Advocates (GMSA) is a Vermont statewide self-advocacy network run and operated by people with developmental disabilities.  GMSA provides training, resources and opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities to meet, make new friends and learn about their rights and how to advocate on their own behalf.   Phone: 1-800-564-9990   For information on local self advocacy organizations in Vermont, click here.
  • Vermont Association for the Deaf (VTAD)
    The Vermont Association for the Deaf is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protect the rights of deaf individuals and their families to accessible services; empower deaf individuals to exercise self-determination and independence; and advocate for equal social, educational and employment opportunities. Phone: (802) 858-2323
  • Vermont Center for Independent Living (VCIL)
    Vermont Center for Independent Living is a private non-profit organization operated by and serving Vermonters with disabilities.  VCIL provides many programs and services for adults with long term disabilities.   Phone:  1-800-639-1522


Family Advocacy

  • ARC of Northwestern Vermont
    ARC of Northwestern Vermont a local advocacy organization based out of St. Albans that advocates for the rights of individuals who have developmental disabilities.
  • Rutland Area ARC (Area Resource Community)
    Rutland Area ARC is a local advocacy organization based out of Rutland that adovcates for the rights of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Phone: 802-775-1370
  • Central Vermont ARC
    Central Vermont ARC is a local already organization based out of Montpelier that provides opportunities for people with developmental disabilities to get together, learn new things and have fun.  Phone: 802-223-6149
  • Vermont Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health (VFFCMH)
    The Vermont Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health provides support to families and children where a child or youth, age 0-22, is experiencing or at risk to experience emotional, behavioral, or mental health challenges.  The Federation offers peer suport and information to families, and helps to navigate services and support systems and advocacy.
  • Vermont Family Network (VFN)
    The Vermont Family Network provides support and advocacy to all Vermont families of children with special needs, including services and supports related to early education, health, mental health, general education, special education, transition, and specific disabilities.   Phone:  1-800-800-4005  

Legal Advocacy

  • Disability Rights Vermont (DRVT)
    Disability Rights Vermont is a private, non-profit, statewide agency dedicated to advancing the rights of people with disabilities and mental health issues.  DRVT is part of the National Protection and Advocacy (P&A) system to increase scrutiny and available resources to improve conditions for people with disabilities.  DRVT provides information, referral and advocacy services, including legal representation when appropriate, to individuals with disabilities throughout Vermont.   Phone: 1-800-834-7890
  • Vermont Legal Aid
    Vermont Legal Aid is a non-profit law firm organized into specialized projects serving clients from five offices located throughout Vermont. It helps Vermonters with non-criminal legal problems if they have low incomes, are elderly (over 60), have a disability, have experienced discrimination in housing, or have a problem related to health care insurance or services.   PHone:  1-800-889-2047
  • Vermont Long Term Care Ombudsman Project
    The Vermont Long Term Care Ombudsman Project protects the health, welfare and rights of people who live in long term care facilities including nursing homes, residential care homes and assisted living residences. They also help people who receive long term care services in their homes through Choices for Care (CFC).  Vermont Long Term Care Ombudsman is a project of Vermont Legal Aid.  Phone:  1-800-889-2047
  • Vermont Disability Law Project
    Disability Law Project (DLP) represents people with civil legal problems related to their disability.  DLP provides a range of services from brief councel to full representation for issues including access to special education, health care, developmental disabilities services, assistive technology and accessible transportation; disability based discrimination; abuse, neglect, and exploitation; and guardianship.  DLP is a project of Vermont Legal Aid.  Phone: 1-800-899-2047
  • Vermont Law Help
    Vermont Law Help is a non-profit legal website for non-lawyers. It explains laws that affect Vermonters in an easy-to-read format. It's target audience is low-income Vermonters. They provide legal information, referrals to free legal help, the courts, and social service agencies. They also provide guided links to court forms on the Judiciary's website.


Legislative/Other Advocacy

  • Community of Vermont Elders (COVE)
    The Community of Vermont Elders promotes and protects a higher quality of life for Vermont’s elders, through education and advocacy.  COVE works with and for elder Vermonters and the orgnizations that serve them.  Phone: 1-802-229-4731
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI Vermont) - NAMI Vermont supports, educations and advocates so that all communities, families and individuls affected by mental illness or mental health challenges, have the care, support and knowledge that they need.   Phone: 1-800-639-6480
  • Vermont Coalition for Disability Rights (VCDR)
    Vermont Coalition for Disability Rights is a statewide cross-disability advocacy organization that increases awareness of disability issues.  Staff work closely with member organizations to empower people with disabilities and assist them to directly participate in legislative decision-making.  Phone:  1-800-639-1522
  • Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council (VT DDC)
    The Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council is part of a network of state councils created by federal law and partners with disability related groups to move key legislation and policy forward.  VT DDC works to increase public awareness about critical issues affecting people with developmental disabilities and their families.  Phone: 1-888-317-2006