Category: Guideline
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Department of Labor "Homecare" Rule: The Application of the Fair Labor Standards Act to Domestic Service (DAIL Memo) PDF icon DOL Homecare Rule: FLSA to Domestic Service Guideline 18 Dec 2014 PDF
Accessing and Maintaining Medicaid For DD Services PDF icon Accessing_Maintaining_Medicaid_for_DD_Services.pdf Guideline 01 Jan 2019 PDF
Individual Support Agreement (ISA) Guidelines PDF icon ISA Guidelines Guideline 01 Aug 2016 PDF
Protocols for Evaluating Less Restrictive Placements & Supports for People with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Who Pose a Risk to Public Safety - Revised PDF icon Public Safety - Safety Protocols for Less Restrictive Placements and Supports - 04/30/15 Guideline 30 Apr 2015 PDF
Best Practices Guidelines for the Diagnosis of Pervasive Developmental Disorders PDF icon PDD Best Practices Guidelines Guideline 01 Jan 2009 PDF
Guidelines for Handling Allegations of Abuse Made While Using Facilitated Communication PDF icon Guidelines_for_Allegations_of_Abuse_FC.pdf Guideline 13 Aug 2018 PDF
Vermont Facilitated Communication Guidelines PDF icon VCTF-VT_FC_Guidelines.pdf Guideline 13 Aug 2018 PDF
Rescinding Memo for Community Notification and Safety Procedures for Sex Offenders with Developmental Disabilities PDF icon Public Safety - Rescinding Memo for Comm Notification/Safety Procedures Guideline 02 May 2014 PDF
The Bridge Program: Care Coordination for Children with Developmental Disabilities Guidelines PDF icon Bridge Program: Guidelines for Care Coordination for Children with DD Guideline 01 Nov 2016 PDF
Critical Incident Reporting (CIR) Guidelines PDF icon DAIL_CIR_Requirements.pdf Guideline 01 Feb 2016 PDF