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Eligibility Criteria for Developmental Disabilities Services

There are three eligibility criteria that an individual must meet to receive any Developmental Disabilities (DD) services:

  1. Residency: Be a resident of Vermont.  This means being physically present in Vermont with the intention to remain in Vermont and to make one's home in Vermont (in the case of a child, at least one custodial parent shall be a resident of Vermont.)
  2. Financial: Be found eligible for Medicaid.  If you need assistance applying for Medicaid, contact your Designated Agency.
  3. Clinical: Be found eligible based on diagnosis of having a developmental disability.  Clinical eligibility determination is arranged by the Designated Agency.

For more information about the definition of developmental disability and the criteria for determining clinical eligibility, see Part 2 of the Regulations Implementing the Developmental Disabilities Services Act of 1996.  See Part 3 of these Regulations for information on who can be a Recipient of Services.

In addition to the above criteria, the services below have unique eligibility requirements:

For other services that may be available to you, contact the Designated Agency in your area.