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Allowing Parents to be Paid with Medicaid Funds for Providing Care for their Minor and Adult Children

The issue of paying parents of adults and/or minor children with developmental disabilities with Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services funding was identified by stakeholders as an area of focus for the new FY 2023-2025 State System of Care Plan.  Below is information on the topic of paying parents.

Considering the Options of Paying Parents

Paying Parents, Plain Language

SOCP Summary of Paying Parents Forums

Using stakeholder input gathered between the summer of 2022 and fall of 2023, the Division has developed a proposed policy to pay "Legally Responsible Individuals" (including parents and guardians) to be paid to provide supports to their adult child and a document that explains the policy in plain language.  This policy is a draft and DDSD is continuing to gather input from stakeholders. Input sessions are scheduled for December 11, December 12 and December 13
(Paying Parents Public Input Sessions | Developmental Disabilities Services Division (

Paying Legally Responsible Individuals Proposed Policy (including parents and guardians) -  This document explains the policy in plain language

Paying  Legally Responsible Individuals Proposed Policy   (including parents and guardians)