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National Core Indicators, DDSD Vermont

National Core Indicators (NCI) is a collaborative effort between participating states, (which Vermont is one of 47), the Human Services Research Institute (HSRI) and the National Association of Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services (NASDDDS).  The purpose of the program, which began in 1997, is to support NASDDDS member agencies to gather a standard set of performance and outcome measures that can be used to track their own performance over time, to compare results across states, and to establish national benchmarks.

Vermont rejoined NCI in 2014 and currently participates in two surveys:

  • The In-Person Survey (Previously referred to as the Adult Consumer Survey) is an annual survey of a sample of adults receiving home and community-based services from around the state.  The survey consists of background information about service recipients provided by designated agency (DA) and specialized services agency (SSA) staff and independent in-person interviews of adults receiving services to elicit valuable and direct input about their satisfaction with services and other aspects of their lives.  National Core Indicators In-Person Survey Reports

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, NCI made the decision to discontinue the FY 2020 Adult Consumer Survey. For the same reason, DAIL made the decision not to participate in the NCI FY 2021 survey.

  • The Staff Stability Survey which is an annual on-line survey of the designated agencies (DAs) and specialized services agencies (SSAs) that captures information about wages, benefits, and turnover of the direct care workers who are hired by the agencies. National Core Indicators Staff Stability Survey Reports

To use NCI's Chart Generator which can compare Vermont data with Consumer Reports from other states, go to National Core Indicators (NCI), and click on NCI States on the band across the top.

To view reports from surveys completed in previous years, go to the Document Library and search for 'Survey'