Conflict of Interest in Case Management

The Federal rules about Conflict of Interest in the delivery of Case Management services may require the Department of Disabilities, Aging, and Independent Living (DAIL), Developmental Disabilities Services Division, to make some changes in the way case management is provided.

DDS Payment Reform - Statewide Advisory Committee

The Statewide Advisory Commitee is a group of provider agencies and other stakeholders (recipients of services, familiy members, and representatives of advocacy organizations) that is the conduit of information on the DDSD Payment Reform project to and from the people they represent. 

DDS Payment Reform - Encounter Data Workgroup

The Encounter Data Workgroup is focused on how provider agencies report report to the State information about services delivered to individuals.  It has been determined that the provider agencies will be reporting services through the Medicaid Management Information System. This workgroup will provide input into the implementation of this new process.

DDS Payment Reform - Payment Model Workgroup

The Payment Model Workgroup is focused on designing the payment mechanism by which providers are paid to provide services.  They will consider payment model options and implications for providers and people receiving services.  They will provide input for planning and implementation of a new payment model.

DDS Payment Reform - Standardized Assessment Workgroup

The Standardized Assessment Workgroup is focused on the adoption of a uniform, standardized assessment tool for determining what services individuals need.  The workgroup will review assessment tool options, considerations of transitioning to a new tool and the process for implementation. 


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