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Walking the Talk of Presuming Competence

Webinar presented by Pascal Cheng and Tracy Thresher
October 10, 2018

In the world of augmentative/alternative communication (AAC), the "presumption of competence" is seen as a core guiding principle for supporting a person who uses AAC. Putting this principle into practice on an everyday basis often requires communication partners to change their beliefs and assumptions about disability and intelligence, and to develop a more expanded view of communication as a gateway to community inclusion and participation. The presenters will provide ideas on how communication partners can learn to think "outside of the box" of their existing beliefs about communication and move to a place where they are demonstrating the presumption of competence in their daily interactions with AAC users. A self-advocate will share examples from his personal experiences as an AAC user of how different beliefs about his competence have impacted his ability to communicate and steps that he and members of his support team have taken to change these beliefs.

Walking the Talk of Presuming Competence Webinar

Part II – Question and Answer with Tracy Thresher  

Walking the Talk of Presuming Competence – First Hand Experiences from Tracy Thresher

Walking the Talk of Presuming Competence PowerPoint – Pascal Cheng

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