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History of Services

Developmental Disabilities (DD) Services in Vermont

Brandon Training School (BTS) - The Brandon Training School, Vermont’s only public institution for people with mental retardation and developmental disabilities, was opened in 1915 as the program that served Vermonters with developmental disabilities.   Founded as the Vermont State School for Feebleminded Children, the name was changed to Brandon State School in 1929 and later to the Brandon Training School.  The institution once housed over 600 individuals, and served a total of 2,324 people over the years until its closure in 1993.   Vermont was the second state to close its only public institution; New Hampshire was first in 1991.

National Developmental Disabilities Services:
National Association of State Directors of Developmental Services (NASDDDS) History
NASDDDS: 50 Years of History, by Robert M. Gettings and Nancy Thaler, Future Directions in State Policy: The Path Ahead