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DAIL Housing Fire Safety Escape Plan

The Housing Fire Safety Escape Plan is a requirement of DAIL funded shared living homes. The plan helps all individuals in a shared living home know how to quickly and safely exit the home in case of an emergency, as independently as possible.   It is required to be posted in the home and practiced regularly. The Fire Safety Plan is required to have a graphic version of the plan as well as a written plan. 

The graphic plan is the floor plan of the house that should show:

  • The person’s room and all possible exit routes from that room; 
  • Exits from other common areas of the home;
  • Outside designated meeting place. 

The written plan should explain:

  • The exit routes;
  • Who is responsible to assist the person in exiting the home:
  • Who will contact 911;
  • and other necessary emergency numbers and information. 
  • The plan should be in the common language of the home.  

In a HCBS funded home the Fire Safety Escape Plan is REQUIRED to be posted in the home.   The home safety inspection will not pass a Fire Safety Escape Plan if it is missing the graphic or the written part of the plan, the information is not clear, the information is not posted in the home, or the information is not uploaded into the Housing Portal.

If a new individual moves into the home, an updated Fire Safety Escape Plan needs to be created and posted.


Helpful resources for Fire Safety Escape Plans:

Graphic and Written Template, Fillable Form - DAIL Housing Workgroup

Graphic and Written Template, Printable - DAIL Housing Workgroup

Graphic Template in English and in Spanish, American Red Cross

Graphic Template, FEMA U.S. Fire Administration

Practicing your home safety fire plan,