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Equity Funding Committee

The Equity Funding Committee assists in the management of New Caseload Funding that was allocated by the Legislature as well as Returned Caseload Funding, to meet the needs for individuals whose circumstances are described in the State System of Care Plan funding priorities (with the exception of the Public Safety funding priority which is managed through the Public Safety Funding Committee.)  

The Designated Agencies and Specialized Service Agencies will use the standard Equity and Public Safety Request for Funding Form and the Equity and Public Safety Budget Form when applying for funding on behalf of a new or existing service recipient.  The forms are sent to the Division.   The Equity Funding Committee makes a recommendation regarding funding, and the final decision is made by the Developmental Disabilities Services Division.  Decisions are sent, in writing, to the provider as soon as it is practical following the Committee meetings.

Meeting Schedule
Committee meetings will be held monthly with provisions for emergency decisions as necessary between regularly scheduled meetings.

Information & Resources
State System of Care Plan - This plan describes the nature, extent, allocation and timing of services that will be provided to people with developmental disabilities and their families.

Committee Membership
The Equity Funding Committee consists of 3 Designated Agency and/or Specialized Service Agency staff;  2 individual(s) receiving services and/or family member(s); and 2 Developmental Disabilities Services staff. Other non-voting individuals may be invited to participate or mentor with committee members as determined by the Equity Committee.

Committee contact for submitting a proposal:
Developmental Disabilities Services Division (DDSD)
Phone: (802) 241-0305   Fax:  (802) 241-0410