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Supported Decision Making (SDM)

Supported decision-making (SDM) is a term used to describe a series of relationships, practices, arrangements, and agreements designed to assist an individual with a disability to make and communicate to others decisions about their life. It is based on the common principles affirming that:

Becoming a Direct Support Worker

Many direct support workers work with people with developmental disabilities in the community, helping them to socialize and make friends, participate in volunteer opportunities, enjoy recreation, go to college, and learn new skills.  These are community support specialists.

Employment specialists are direct support workers that support people when they are working.

Operations, Support, and Services

The Developmental Disability Services Division (DDSD) provides a variety of administrative, operations and programmatic functions that support the developmental disabilities (DD) services system.

Eligibility for Services

Supported Employment Program

The Vermont Supported Employment Program provides a full range of services which enable people with disabilities to access and succeed in competitive employment. The program goal is to provide full access to employment through the provision of individual support services for people who have historically been excluded from employment. Services have developed from a philosophy that presumes employability for all given the right supports are provided to the individual.

Direct Support Worker

A direct support worker is a professional who supports a person with a disability to lead the life they want, helping facilitate realization of the person’s full rights and responsibilities and promoting opportunities to exercise those rights and responsibilities.

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