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DAIL Housing Safety and Accessibility Process

A housing safety and accessibility inspection is conducted for all shared living homes funded by the Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living (DAIL). DAIL provides oversight of this inspection process. The purpose of the inspections is to ensure the general health and safety of individuals receiving 24-hour residential supports and that the homes are in compliance with safety and accessibility standards.

The on-site inspections are conducted by a DAIL contracted Housing Safety and Accessibility Consultant, unless the home is required to be licensed or inspected by one of the following entities:  The Division of Fire Safety, the Vermont Department of Labor and  Industry, the Vermont State Housing Authority, Section 8 Housing, or a local housing authority. In the case of inspections completed by an organization other than the Consultant, the entity will arrange and conduct the inspection. The inspections must be completed, and all identified deficiencies corrected, prior to an individual moving into a shared living home, except in the event of a crisis in which an emergency home placement has been approved.

The shared living providers are contracted with the Provider Agency.   It is the responsibility of the Provider Agency to ensure that all shared living providers contracted with their agency has had all the required inspections successfully completed, and the necessary information has been provided to DAIL.

A shared living provider (also known as a home provider), may be any individual who is 21 years or older, (except the individual may not be the parent, legal guardian, representative payee or spouse of the individual receiving DAIL-funded services), who successfully passes background checks required by DAIL. Additional information about requirements for shared living providers in Vermont can be found in the Vermont program-specific provider manual.


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