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Self and Family Management

People receiving services have a choice as to who will manage their services.  As part of the intake and referral process, Designated Agencies are responsible for informing individuals of those choices and to make referrals as requested.  The Designated Agency and Specialized Service Agency can manage all of the services for the individuals and families.  Other management options include:

  • Shared-Managed Services - When the developmental disabilities services agency manages some, but not all, of the services and the individual or their family member manages some of the person's services.  For example, the agency may provide service planning and coordination and may manage other services, such as home supports, while the person or a family member hires their community support or respite workers.
  • Self-Managed Services - When an individual manages all of his/her developmental disabilities services (24-hour home supports excluded.)  This means that the person has the responsibility of hiring and managing his or her own workers and overseeing the administrative responsibilities associated with receiving developmental disabilities services funding.  Some of these responsibilities include arranging for services, developing a service plan, fulfilling the responsibilities of the employer, and planning for back-up support or respite in the case of an emergency.
  • Family-Managed Services - When a family member manages all of the person's developmental disabilities services (24-hour home supports excluded.)  The same responsibilities and resources noted in self-managed services are associated with and required for family managed services.

Resources or Self/Family Management

Fiscal/Employer Agent (F/EA) - ARIS Solutions, the F/EA available in Vermont, provides individuals who are self, family or shared managing their services the fiscal and reporting responsibilities of the employer.

Supported Intermediary Service Organization (Supportive ISO) - Transition II, the Supporting ISO available in Vermont, provides assistance to individuals who are self or family managing to help fulfill their hiring and administrative responsibilities.  The Standards for being a Supportive ISO Provider in Vermont are outlined here.

Designated Agency (DA) or Specialized Service Agency (SSA) - For people who are using the shared-managing option, their service provider is available to assist the person or family shared-managing their services by helping them understand and perform their hiring and administrative responsibilities.

Guide to Self/Family Management - This document is designed to help people who wish to self- or family-manage their services understand what tasks are required and who is responsible for seeing that those tasks are accomplished.

Self and Family Managed HCBS Agreement - agreement for self and family managed home community based services(HCBS)

Department of Labor Home Care Rule: Application of the Fair Labor Standards Act to US Domestic Service (DAIL Memo) - US Department of Labor rule governing the Fair Labor Standards Act about minimum wage and overtime protections to direct care workers.

U.S. Department of Labor Fact Sheet #14A:  Non-Profit Organizations and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)